17 July 2011


So it has been a little while since I wrote on my blog...I guess my organisational skills (or lack there of) have become apparent. This break has mostly been spent thinking of the work that needs to be done rather than actually doing it. It is very easy to get into the habit of putting things off when you know you have a fair bit of time. I left last semester with very pleasing results and a critique that went rather well, which very much surprised me. I have always vowed never to allow results to dictate how I feel about my work as long as I know that I have tried my absolute hardest and I have accomplished what it is I set out to achieve. The criticisms I did receive were minor and beneficial which forced me to look at things in a different way and the very sound advice at the beginning of the year from my tutor being; 'stay detached from your work so that you can continue assessing your progress', came in very handy. I constantly take time to pull my personal opinions away from my work in order to see it as an outsider would. The next few months will most probably be the most challenging and grueling months to date and I hope to document the process...good and bad.....as the semester unfolds. For now all I can say is; everything I have worked so hard for comes down to these final months and every time I feel like throwing in the towel all i must remember are the sacrifices over the past five years and the enormous window of opportunity that will present itself if I get this collection right!!!!

03 June 2011


I have really enjoyed this process of blogging so far. At first is was difficult to release my work and even my opinions of my work, but in actual fact I have found it an effective way of assessing my progress. In having to keep up to date with posts I have to always be researching or working in order to blog about something beneficial and interesting and in doing so I have found new ideas and ways of looking at my concept. I hope that I can continue this blog as the year goes on and for it to help me analyse my work in the future as it has done to date.

Fourth year.....well it has always seemed like a huge wall that first, second and third year has been preparing us to climb. I can hardly believe that first semester is coming to a close and even more than that, my studies will soon be ending for good. I have been studying for the last six years, as I began at Sydney University studying an arts degree with every intention of majoring in politics (I know what a stark contrast to what I am doing now) and then after a design bridging course finally starting at UTS. I had a dream of studying fashion from the age of 12 and after much preparation to enter the course when I graduated, I decided against it due to pressure to 'consider my options'......in other words 'do something worthwhile'. I listened for some time until I finally realised that my dreams were not going to be stopped by anybody and my journey began. I can hardly believe that this long road or chapter will soon be ending and I am incredibly excited about the next chapter after uni.

Until then though I have long journey ahead and I cannot wait to see my collection come alive with every day that passes.

01 June 2011


So this look was slightly a challenge because its actually the simplest and most narrow of all the looks that I will be making. I wanted to do this look so that it sets the standard for how full the other looks should be or rather how I want them to be. This is very reminiscent of a more tailored look and also has some feminine qualities to it, but will be paired with very edgy pants and a shirt with a cowl neck, rather than  a conventional collar. I have made an effort to mix fabrication and this actual look might in fact be made out of heavy canvas as the under structure. The details have yet to be placed- which include buttons and button holes in the lapel collar (Navy blue), shoulder straps, oversized pockets and lining have not been put on. Only the first toile, so I am quite happy with it.

30 May 2011


So I never imagined that a long shirt or shirt dress as I call them, would actually be that difficult. Well they are!!! I need to get length, flare on the bottom half, fit on the bust and shoulders, not too bulky in the back (needs to go over the hips but fit the arch) and also have design features that make it my own!!! Not easy. I think I have tried a million variations and I have not been happy with any of them!!! At this point I have to fit the one I have and hopefully some time and more draping can fix the minor problem I am having!!! And there are no pictures because I am slightly embarrassed by them.

29 May 2011

25 May 2011


It has taken much time to eliminate many original drapes from the hundreds that I had. In doing so I was left with only the most inspirational ones and from there the sketches began. However these sketches are purely an outline for when I go back to drape my toiles. I am a draper and nothing I actually draw will ever come out exactly how it looks because I allow the drapes to speak for themselves. I don't believe that what you draw should be precisely what you end up with because you are forcing a natural process. For those people who prefer to flat pattern make, their sketches are vital, but for myself and others they are simply there to facilitate an idea. So in saying that my 'outline collection' is coming along and I cannot wait to start draping to see what I can come up with. For the purposes of the critique and a rough idea of what the collection will look like this outline collection is essential.

23 May 2011


In the process of getting us ready for this year and the possibility of needing to send out a portfolio we have been asked to put one together. So I got some friends together with a make-shift white backdrop and had some fun!!!! This is just one of the black and whites of a dress that I made...styled and photographed by me!