25 May 2011


It has taken much time to eliminate many original drapes from the hundreds that I had. In doing so I was left with only the most inspirational ones and from there the sketches began. However these sketches are purely an outline for when I go back to drape my toiles. I am a draper and nothing I actually draw will ever come out exactly how it looks because I allow the drapes to speak for themselves. I don't believe that what you draw should be precisely what you end up with because you are forcing a natural process. For those people who prefer to flat pattern make, their sketches are vital, but for myself and others they are simply there to facilitate an idea. So in saying that my 'outline collection' is coming along and I cannot wait to start draping to see what I can come up with. For the purposes of the critique and a rough idea of what the collection will look like this outline collection is essential.

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