03 June 2011


I have really enjoyed this process of blogging so far. At first is was difficult to release my work and even my opinions of my work, but in actual fact I have found it an effective way of assessing my progress. In having to keep up to date with posts I have to always be researching or working in order to blog about something beneficial and interesting and in doing so I have found new ideas and ways of looking at my concept. I hope that I can continue this blog as the year goes on and for it to help me analyse my work in the future as it has done to date.

Fourth year.....well it has always seemed like a huge wall that first, second and third year has been preparing us to climb. I can hardly believe that first semester is coming to a close and even more than that, my studies will soon be ending for good. I have been studying for the last six years, as I began at Sydney University studying an arts degree with every intention of majoring in politics (I know what a stark contrast to what I am doing now) and then after a design bridging course finally starting at UTS. I had a dream of studying fashion from the age of 12 and after much preparation to enter the course when I graduated, I decided against it due to pressure to 'consider my options'......in other words 'do something worthwhile'. I listened for some time until I finally realised that my dreams were not going to be stopped by anybody and my journey began. I can hardly believe that this long road or chapter will soon be ending and I am incredibly excited about the next chapter after uni.

Until then though I have long journey ahead and I cannot wait to see my collection come alive with every day that passes.

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